Five items to add to your Spring Closet

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I love the change of season.  Spring is on the way and the days occasionally begin to bring with them some wonderfully, dresses-53319_1280warm sunshine.

Sweaters, boots, and bulky clothes are replaced with flats, jeans and T-shirts.   The change is more than welcome around here, as by the end of the season I am usually ready to freshen up my wardrobe.

In general, I prefer to own a smaller number of items that are versatile and work well together.  Classic pieces are a must, but I like to mix in a few well-selected trends for the season.  Cleaning out old items and reducing the number of items in my closet is a current goal.

Keeping my general principles in mind, these are my five favorites in my spring wardrobe:

Shoes: Metallic flats.  I added  a pair of metallic flats to my closet last year and have been surprised just how often they are my “go-to” shoe.  I love the slight wedge heel because it dresses them up just a bit, but not to much for a busy mom!   The dull golden tones work with most everything.  DSW clearance is my favorite spot for shoes, though I have found some at Target that remained comfortable for more than one season.

Bottoms: Boyfriend Jeans.  Love.  Love.  Love boyfriend jeans.  How on earth did we make it without them?  A little looser through the hip and thighs.  Casual look of a rolled jean, but not rolled too short.  Dress them up.  Dress them down.  If you don’t have boyfriend jeans, get thee to a store ASAP and try on a pair!  I have an inexpensive pair from Old Navy clearance and a lighter denim pair from Loft.  Both are fantastic.

Tops: Polka-Dot Blouse.  I know.  I resisted.  Polka-dots?  I am too old for polka-dots AND my name isn’t Minnie.  But I did it.  I bought a white button down blouse with black polka dots and I am so glad that I did.  It is a ton of fun and I have found several ways to wear it.  So many great ideas are on this site and I encourage you to try a few.

Accessory:  Tassle Necklace.  It took me several months to find a tassle necklace that I liked AND that was a price I was willing to pay.  Loft Clearance.  I have a gold tassle necklace, but a silver one would be just as ideal.  The tassel necklace dresses up any plain top or dress.  I find that I particularly like the tassel necklace when I am wearing a cardigan as the necklace adds some complementary length to my outfit.

6-IMG_6663[4]Bonus:  Trench Coat Jacket.  Last spring I splurged on a bright colored trench coat and I love it.  Trench Coats can be found most anywhere though this particular one was from Nordstrom, and while it was on sale it was not cheap.  But much less expensive stores carry a variety of options.  It is a definite bonus item!

What are you adding to your closet this season?


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