Fall Style Challenge

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It’s early bird registration time for the Fall Fashion Challenge!  Time to get your shopping fix for the season!

I have participated in three of the Style Challenges offered by Alison at Get Your Pretty On and every time I have been so happy with the updates to my wardrobe.  The spring fashion challenge was recorded on this post if you are interested in more details about how this process works.

Alison’s shopping list has always included things that I have in my closet as well as a few new updates to add for the season.  Then I am able to use her list to find deals and items that fit me.

IMG_1734One of my favorite parts of joining the challenge is access to the private Facebook group where women share ideas, deals, and their outfits.  One of my favorite shirts from the summer challenge is the “graphic tee” from Alison’s list.  I was having a hard time finding a graphic tee that I was willing to wear until one of the women on the Facebook group linked to this “full” tee from etsy (pictured left).  BAM!  It is still a favorite!

IMG_7235The summer challenge was perfect and provided me with outfits to use throughout the entire summer.  I did not purchase one other clothing item after the challenge was complete.  The few items I purchased from the list carried me through the entire summer.

I would not have thought to purchase these coral shorts (pictured right) but I loved them, especially with my striped shirt, carried over from the Fall 2014 challenge.

I have high hopes for the Fall 2015 Fashion Challenge!  If you are interested in participating, then head over and sign up today!  Early bird registration closes at the end of the week.


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