Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month Club

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Every month I eagerly anticipate a little package that arrives in my mailbox.  In it, I find the current month’s Fair Trade Friday earring selection.


After 5 months of earrings, I am still excited about each and every pair.


Included with the earrings each month are gift tags as well as information about the artisans who handmade the pair of earrings.


From the Fair Trade Friday website: We work primarily with faith-based organizations because we believe true freedom comes through Christ in Ethiopia, Texas, India, Haiti, Kenya, Bangladesh and many more. We work directly with the majority of the artisans to create something beautiful that you will want to wear.

Each pair also comes with a handmade drawstring bag, making it easy for gift giving if you wanted to use it that way.  Simply tuck in the earring with the information card and you have a perfect gift.


After six months of earrings, I have been very happy with my little collection.  They include a beautiful variety of colors and designs.


It has been a very simple way to make a difference in the lives of oppressed women in the world.

If you are interested, you can sign up and pre-pay for 1-month; 3-month; 6-month; or 12-month plans.  The pre-paid monthly plans can also be given as gifts, which is a fantastic idea if you have a teenage daughter.  We have given it as a birthday gift to her friends.  It is the sort of gift that can keep giving for a few months.

I recorded a periscope about the earring of the month club if you wish to see a few of the earrings in person.

(Disclaimer:  I have NO affiliate relationship with Fair Trade Friday.  I don’t earn any percent if you sign up for the monthly earring club.  I believe in helping oppressed women around the globe and am eager to share this simple way of doing so!)


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