Enchanted Spaces: Where Periscoping all began for me

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After watching Julie Bogart of Brave Writer‘s periscope on The Enchanted Education (embedded video below), I was inspired to play around with Periscope.

(Note: Wondering, “What is Periscope”? Learn the basics here.)

She spoke about adding enchantment to your home education environment. ┬áThe idea was….well…enchanting!

One nugget I took away from that talk was to see the “mess” in my house as a sign of enchantment.

Now, I have given this a lot of thought and this is not to say that shoes kicked off on the floor instead of put in their place isn’t mess. ┬áSome messes are mess and should be cleaned by the child who created it…ahem.

But other messes are part of our enchanted activities. Unfinished lego projects and half-completed puzzles can drive me crazy, but I began to step back and see them as part of our enchanted environment.

So, one random morning, I decided to talk a walk through my house on Periscope and show our “enchanted mess”. It was a pretty clean day other than our art room. I filmed our legos and the puzzle pieces and the messy school table. Then I shared how I was trying to see it as an enchanted space instead of a messy house.

It was my first #enchantedscope, #homeschoolscope, and first periscope. I would change a lot about it and do it so differently now, but you have to start somewhere and this is where I started.

I hope you’ll be inspired to join the conversations in periscope. Perhaps watch Julie’s video (second video below) or mine (first one below) and be inspired to share your own #enchantedscope. I’d love to see it!

My “Enchanted Space”:

Julie’s talk on the Enchanted Education:


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