Flashback Friday: Embracing YES

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FLASHBACK POST: This was originally published in 2008 on my former blog. My children were 5, 4, and 1 year old at the time. I was continually shaping and re-forming my parenting practices. A lot has changed over time, but I still try to embrace “yes” over “no.”

This post is part of a series of Flashback Friday Posts from my former blog. I hope these posts encourage and inspire those of you who are still in the trenches with little ones.

Embracing Yes

I try not to fight battles with my children unless it is necessary. I remind myself to say YES more often than I say NO. This is true even when I feel like saying no because their idea is about to create more work for me…

Mom, can Dad turn on the sprinkler for us?

Girls, you’d have to get bathing suits on.

We’ll wear our clothes, mom. Can we?

(Now I’d rather avoid the work of wet clothing, but I remind myself to say yes…)

OK girls. Go ahead. I’ll get some towels to put by the door.

Mom, can we have umbrellas?

Sure guys.

I put towels by the door and went outside to watch. Then I grabbed the camera. This “yes moment” was a memory in the making.

Yes. Tricia is wearing her Easter Dress. But she is one happy clam.

And David joined right in the fun. He was having a blast. And he was not about to be left out of the umbrella fun.

Something about a sprinkler that goes back and forth is just fun.

And I am reminded that many times the best memories are often made because Mom said, “Yes”.

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