BraveWriter strikes again!

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I have continued to enjoy Julie Bogart’s thoughts in A Gracious Space, spring edition. The final entries were just as thought provoking and encouraging to my soul as the few I have blogged about in previous posts.

The last entry left me with a few words that I will continue to ponder:


How might I get a dose of one of these in my homeschool each day, or at least each week?

I love being left with a challenge to ponder.

Julie’s examples, such as invisible ink used for a copywork passage and cake for breakfast, are helpful as I get the mental ball rolling!

How might you incorporate surprise, chance, mystery, secret, and discovery into your homeschool environment? I’d love some more suggestions!

And if you have enjoyed these reflections from the Spring Edition, you might consider purchasing the books below. The Fall edition would be perfect during your homeschool kickoff!



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