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The Brave Writer Lifestyle began in this house began in August of 2013 and continues to this day. Elements of the lifestyle and products from the Brave Writer curriculum are the backbone of our homeschool language arts program.


I share my love of Brave Writer with anyone who asks.  And for much of 2016, I shared it with the world using Periscope.

All of my past periscopes are now available my YouTube channel.  Many of them include aspects of the Brave Writer Lifestyle in our home.

If you are hoping to implement aspects of the the Brave Writer Lifestyle in your homeschool, then this video collection is for you.

A collection of periscopes that help to explain and unpack our Brave Writer Lifestyle.

NOTE: Some of these videos have been edited.  Others have not.  Feel free to fast forward through some of the periscope chatter.

The Brave Writer Lifestyle Video Guides

The Impact of the Brave Writer Lifestyle on Writing in our Homeschool

Geography Reports: Brave Writer Style

The Brave Writer Arrow Video Guides

Walk Through Week One of the Arrow Guide: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Walk Through Weeks Two and Three of the Arrow Guide: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

Grammar Through Literature using the Arrow Guides

Grammar Lessons in the Arrow

Using the Arrow for a Writing Activity in Understood Betsy

Poetry Teatime Video Guides

Poetry Teatime with Marilyn Singer Books

Our Poetry Teatime and Our Favorite Poetry Books

This page will continue to be updated with videos as they are edited.  You can learn more about Brave Writer curriculum and products on this blog and in the Brave Writer store.


A collection of periscopes about how we implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle in our Home.

Host a simple poetry teatime with your children and discover the joy of poetry and treats!After three years of using Brave Writer, here are my pics for the top 10 Brave Writer Arrow Guides.


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