Benjamin Moore Glitter Glaze

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Tips from under the home improvement pile (an oldie but goodie from 2008, reposted)

While shopping for paint, I noticed a Glitter Glaze made by Benjamin Moore.   So girly. I knew it had to use it in my little girls’ bedroom.

The girls’ room is designed with a pink stripe and this paint is perfect to add a little sparkle!

It was so easy to work with. I couldn’t believe it. The glaze was a thin white color, sprinkled with glitter. It went on very smoothly with a roller. The white dries clear, leaving a layer of glitter.

Having worked with magnetic paint in the past, I was thrilled that this paint was so easy to work with!

I rolled it over the pink stripe around the room.  The glittery effect was achieved after two coats of glaze. I think more than two coats would certainly provide more glitter, yet this amount keeps it sparkly in the regular lighting of a room and less noticeable in dimmer lighting.

It was a difficult effect to capture on photo, but here is the best one. The iridescent look is not the flash, but the glitter:

I definitely liked the way it made the pink sparkle.

I would love to see it over a much darker color.

This paint was an painless way to bring a little sparkle to a room. I highly recommend it!


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1 thought on “Benjamin Moore Glitter Glaze”

  1. Heather N. Schmidt

    Hello. I painted it on a dark wall yet for streaks from the roller. In the process of trying to fix (which led me to your post, haha).
    It’s very pretty though. Just not sure what I did wrong.

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