Ideas for Family Fun in April

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April showers bring May flowers.

At least that is what they say, so this could be a rainy month. I am not sure how your forecast looks but I see 6 days of potential rain in the next 15.

This is also typically the month for spring break and Easter. It is also probably the beginning of a season of fairs, festivals, and fun in your local area as the milder temperatures begin to appear.

Take some time this month to have some fun and connect as a family.  To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make some family memories this month.

So let’s have some fun with activities for April.

Before you feel any sort of pressure to attack all of these ideas, let me assure you that I won’t be doing them all.

Instead, I’ve compiled this list for all of us to peruse and then purposefully select the activities that will work best for our family this month.  After all, we want to connect with our kids and NOT connect with a “to-do” list.

Ideas for Family Fun in April

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April Family Fun: Playing with Rainbows

April could be a rainy month so the potential for rainbows is high. Have some fun learning about and creating rainbows with some of these fun ideas.

1.  Rainbow Crafts. There are so many rainbow crafts available. I’ll just share a few favorites.

  • Rainbow Slime. This one is from Mom Dot and I mentioned it last month, but just in case you missed it, I am including it here again.
  • Rainbow Crayon Melted Art. It’s been on my radar to try this for so long. I think it is time.
  • Waldorf Window Stars. Make a beautiful rainbow colored star for your window (or make it any color you like). You’ll need kite paper for this activity.
  • Streamer Rainbows. If you need an idea for the younger set of kids, these streamer rainbows are a perfect activity.

2.  Eat Rainbow Food.

3.  Rainbow Science Fun.  Check out this video of rainbow science ideas from Amanda at Raising DaVinci. Simple, fun with a lot of bang for your buck. I love that so many ideas use items you already have around the house.

Amanda has a fantastic YouTube channel, so if you haven’t subscribed you probably want to go check it out.

4.  Read Rainbow Books.


April Family Fun: Play in the Rain

5. Play in the Rain.  You can do it, Mom. Go outside in the rain and get wet. It might be time for a new umbrella for mom (my favorite one) and one for your kids. Erin from Nourishing My Scholar suggested using umbrellas as the Easter basket on her blog! Brilliant!

Once you have your umbrella it is time to go outside and splash in the puddles with the kids. Follow the water. Where does it drain in your neighborhood? Enjoy some time with the kids in this crazy weather.

If you are feeling really nutty, head out without the gear and just get drenched. Maybe go jump on the trampoline in the rain!

6.  Explore the Water Cycle Together.


7.  Study the Remarkable Rain. Don’t stop with the water cycle. Take some time to complete a unit study on the rain. If your kids seem interested, then check out Cindy’s unit study: Remarkable Rain.  This study includes more than 45 creative nature walk ideas and more than 20 hands-on experiments and demonstrations.  There are even art activities!

April Family Fun: National Poetry Month

8. Make a Poet-Tree. Nadine from Up Above the Rowan Tree has you covered with this great idea. It’s an art project. It’s a poetry project. It’s a family fun activity. This Poet-Tree has everything going for it to connect with your kids this month.

9. Gather ideas and inspiration.

10. Write Poetry Together.

April Family Fun: Celebrate Easter

11. Go Beyond Dyeing the Easter Eggs. There are so many ideas to decorate and use Easter eggs – plastic and real – beyond the standard day of dyeing them. Try a few of these in addition to your day of dyeing eggs.

12. Watch the sunrise on Easter Morning.  We have yet to actually attempt this one, but I consider it every year. If Easter has religious meaning for your family, then a sunrise is the perfect start to resurrection day.

13. Take a video Easter art course. We love our chalk pastels and these video art courses have made it so easy. There is a 9-week course created just for Easter and at the time I was writing this, it was on sale for $30. The regular price is $39 if the sale is over. Included is the Easter Chalk Pastel e-book.

April Family Fun: Create Springtime Art

14. Enjoy a Mixed Media Springtime Art Course. The Springtime Splendor Mixed Media Art Course from Alicia Gratehouse is a favorite in this house. We love the variety of options that are included in each mixed media course from acrylic paint to watercolor to clay.

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April Family Fun: Conversation Starters

15. Use Conversation Starters for great conversation this month. I’ve made it easy for you!

Conversations starters for every month are available in my Year Round Conversation Starters book. You’ll find 23 fun, silly, and serious questions for every month.

I love to print these out, run them through my laminator and asked the kids to help me cut them out. I store them in a jar on our kitchen table so we can grab a few every now and then

Subscribers to my blog received a FREE set of Would You Rather Questions that are different than the ones the Year Round PDF. If you haven’t subscribed, you can below:

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Got any more ideas to connect with your kids this month? Feel free to comment below and share!


Connect with your kids this month and try some ideas from this list of activities for april. Links to projects, crafts, and other family fun!



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