A Gracious Space: Homeschool Daily Reflections

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I am so excited about Julie Bogart, creator of BraveWriter, and her recent periscope plan for November.

Everyday she will be reading an entry from her book, A Gracious Space: Fall Edition.  The book is a collection of daily reflections written to sustain homeschooling moms and their commitment to homeschool.

The thoughts in these books have been incredibly encouraging to me.  Julie’s thoughts have challenged me to rethink the ways I approach our homeschool while helping me feel more confident in my decisions.  The thoughts in these books are a breath of fresh air.

Interacting with Julie and other homeschooling moms on Periscope while she reads various entries has been a whole new level of encouragement and support.  Moms can comment and ask questions during the talk, giving Julie a change to expand on her original thoughts.

You can purchase the book on Julie’s website in either digital or paper copy format.

With or without the book, you can follow Julie on periscope and tune in to these encouraging sessions five times a week!  (MWF at 4 PM; TR at various times)

Here is the one from today to get your started.  It was so encouraging and challenging as I consider the transition from childhood to teenage years:


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