A Birthday Letter to my Seven Year Old

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Dear Daniel,

Tomorrow you will turn 7 years old, which will occur in 30 minutes and will have happened by the time this is published.

Tonight, you are asleep in your bed, snuggled against your pillow, Pilly.  Pilly has been an important part of your sleeping routine since you were a baby.  Moments like these make me wonder how long this precious attachment will last.  I know it is one of those childhood delights that will have a end.  There will be a night when suddenly Pilly is on the floor or in the closet or becomes “just a pillow” to you.

But tonight is not that night.  You are resting peacefully with your arm around Pilly while sleeping on your pillow pet.  And it is precious to this momma’s heart.

Now I admit that I am not usually the most sentimental Mom, but something about your birthday stirs up some Mommy emotions.

Because tomorrow my BABY will be SEVEN.  And I realize that age isn’t much of a baby.  Yet I feel like that every year as the next number ticks off.  I feel it most deeply with you because you are the last child to be 6 in this house.  Now you will be the last 7 year old I will have.

Jokingly, I asked you to celebrate backwards and turn five tomorrow, but you refused.  Then you began to get slightly annoyed when you thought I wasn’t kidding, so I backed off.


When I look through pictures and think about your activity during the day, I can’t believe you have so much energy.  You climb, jump, run, hit, and move.  A. LOT.  And I love that about you.  Your energy makes me smile and I love to watch you move.

All of this energy has been extremely beneficial because you are the youngest of four kids and it allows you to keep up with our life at this stage in the parenting game.

I have the privilege of  watching you develop relationships with each of your sibilings both individually and as a group.  You bring out different aspects of each of them as they relate to you.  I love how they love you, care for you, and watch out for you. IMG_4176You bask in their attention.  And for now, you even enjoy how they take care of you like the “baby”.

Of course, it isn’t always easy to be the youngest of the foursome.  Your needs are often forgotten or lost in the mix of life with the older kids.

This year I focused on snuggling up with you during the school day to read picture books.  It was such a sweet time and I loved how much you enjoyed it.  It was something I had always done with your siblings that had been neglected since we entered the world of independent readers.  I am so glad that I was reminded to schedule that time with you.

Of course, being the two boys in the family, you and David have a special friendship. Your interests are similar IMG_5021and I enjoy listening in on your discussions. They usually revolve around minecraft, guns, Halo or nerf.

You both enjoy watching Minecraft videos together, specifically Dan TDM. He has become a household name thanks to the two of you and watching him play Minecraft is your current morning activity.

You have learned to be a good friend through the relationships you IMG_5301have developed with neighborhood friends and boys from our homeschool groups.  I am so thankful for the boys you have met who share similar interests and energy levels.  I enjoyed watching you and your friends at your birthday party today.  You shot nerf guns, played in the sprinkler, and dumped buckets of water on each other.  The laughter and enjoyment was obvious.

IMG_5427Of course, there is your love of weapontry to discuss.

Nerf swords and guns rank high on your list of favorites.  But if they aren’t available, even a stick will do.

Everything becomes a weapon when it is in your hand.  Sticks, silverware, and even math snap cubes.  An air soft gun is high on your request list, but you won’t be getting your own just yet my boy.

IMG_5199Of course, you also have a very tender side which I am reminded of when you climb in my lap to cuddle.

At a homeschool activity this year, you wrote this message (left) as your secret code.  My heart melted.  We do love you!

I can’t wait for our morning together.  When you wake up, we will enjoy our special breakfast.  Just me and you.  I can’t wait.

I love you my little boy.


And I know I tell you this all of the time: you will ALWAYS be the baby.  But I’ll try to let you grow up!





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