16 years

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1 brand new sofa

2 states of residence

3 houses we have owned

4 amazing children

5 tablets currently in our house

6 vehicles

7 years of swim team

8 years without cable TV

9 countries in Europe together

10 years of New Smyrna Beach vacations

11 guns

12 and a half years on one income

13 jobs/positions that you have held

14 vacations I have planned for us  (one day we’ll take them all)

15 states we have visited together (plus NJ…but we won’t count Jersey)

16 years of marriage and you are still my number ONE.

Love this man…and our first anniversary selfie!



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2 thoughts on “16 years”

  1. LOVE this list so much…what a fun way to commemorate your years of marriage!

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