101 Things Standardized Tests Can’t Measure

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Hey there.

I see you. Staring at your child’s standardized test scores. Feeling frustrated, disappointed, or concerned.

This score can’t be right.

You KNOW your child. Your child is witty, fun, creative, and bright. But this score doesn’t reflect any of it.

Yet this number counts for a lot. Maybe for too much. But that is a discussion for another time.

Put the scores aside for a moment and picture your child moving through their week.

What do they love?
How do they treat people?
What makes them unique?
What do they do for fun?
What makes them laugh?

Hold on to that image while you read 101 Things Standardized Tests can’t Measure.

Testing isn't everything. Here are 101 things a Standardized Test can't measure.

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Holding on to that image of your child? Great. Read on.

Life Skills

1. Organization
2. Culinary Skills
3. Money Management
4. Healthy Habits
5. Real-World Problem Solving
6. Love of Learning
7. Common Sense

8. Computer Skills
9. Cleanliness
10. Discernment
11. Etiquette
12. Decision-Making Ability
13. Independence
14. Time Management
15. Teachability


16. Patience
17. Grit
18. Humility
19. Integrity
20. Honesty
21. Ambitious
22. Empathy
23. Peacemaker
24. Perseverance
25. Wit
26. Self-esteem
27. Happiness
28. Determination
29. Potential
30. Bravery
31. Motivation
32. Intuition
33. Flexibility
34. Morals
35. Grit

Social Skills

36. Friendliness
37. Kindness
38. Compassion
39. Generosity
40. Sense of Humor
41. Affection
42. Thoughtfulness
43. Loyalty

44. Cooperation
45. Respect
46. Ability to Listen
47. Dependable
48. Supportive
49. Fun
50. Helpfulness
51. Volunteerism
52. Ability to Forgive
53. Gentleness
54. Self-Control
55. Inclusive
56. Empathetic


57. Athleticism
58. Playing Instruments
59. Painting
60. Creativity
61. Communication
62. Leadership
63. Handwriting and Lettering
64. Typing
65. Computer Coding
66. Decorating
67. Fashion Design
68. Video Editing
69. Photography
70. Composing Music
71. Drawing

101 Things a Standardized Test Can't Measure.

72. Sculpting
73. Teaching
74. Creative Writing
75. Sewing
76. Social Media presence. (Please don’t knock this one. Some of us…ahem…make money because of our skills in this area.)
77. Theater
78. Gaming
79. Story Telling
80. Jokes
81. Linguistics and Languages
82. Singing


83. Effort
84. Tenacity
85. Contentment
86. Courage
87. Ambition
88. Discipline
89. Passion
90. Wit

91. Confidence
92. Focus
93. Assertiveness
94. Adventurous Spirit
95. Logical
96. Thoroughness
97. Spirituality
98. Resilience
99. Cautious
100. Sympathetic

And the FINAL thing that a standardized test can’t measure:

101. The Person Your Child Is Everyday

Now it is your job to go remind them that they are more than a test score, whether it be a high or low score.

Remind them regularly of the “high scoring” traits you see in their lives that a test can’t possibly measure.

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101 Things a Standardized Test Can't Measure.


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